Seven Exercises That Don’t Feel Like Workouts
Many enjoyable hobbies can include a workout, and what could be more enjoyable than working out without realising it? Some of the best workouts will seem more like enjoyable adventures than like dreading going to the gym every day.

You might play a backyard game, attempt something new that might be exciting and difficult, or be among people who always make you laugh. These seven activities will feel far more like fun than a strenuous workout, regardless of your level of fitness.

1.Beach games.

If you’re near a lakefront or beach, invest 20 bucks in a good array of Nerf balls, Frisbees and other amateur sports equipment for some carefree physical fun with the family or your buddies. Do this once a week and it’ll feel like socializing instead of a workout (we’ve been doing Sunday group workouts like Frisbee and it’s been a blast). That’s really the whole message I want to reinforce here: exercise is a natural, enjoyable, and refreshing part of life, not another relentless chore on your to-do list. Reframe your mental image of exercise and watch your health improve.

2.Take a stroll through the mall.

This is an obvious workout if you enjoy window shopping or have errands to go (I’d sooner count fork tines). Just remember to record a few miles using your pedometer. I frequently receive letters from people asking about the best workout regimens and techniques, frequently with the implication that working out needs to be a difficult, intense, and separate process in order for it to be considered “worthy.” Not at all. Among all the exercises, walking is probably the best and most natural.

3.A hike.

Hikes don’t have to be exhausting, all-day adventures, even if it’s a highly instinctive behaviour. If you only dig a little, you can find well-kept, short hiking paths close to most towns. Even a quick stroll in the neighbourhood park is stimulating. As often as you can, make an effort to step outside and enjoy some sunlight that replenishes your vitamin D. I believe that getting 20 or 30 minutes a day of sunshine and fresh air exposure is crucial for overall health, so make the most of it. An hour and a nearby hill will do for your “hike”; it doesn’t have to kill you for days afterwards.

4.Organise the furniture differently.

Rearranging your furniture on a regular basis is not only beneficial to your physical but also mental well-being. Though it goes without saying that you wouldn’t do this every week, give it a shot if your digs need some updating. The gym rats relentlessly mimic that amazing weight-bearing training experience from all that pushing and tugging. You have your very own “gym” at home—talk about an excellent way to decompress and focus.

5.Aquatic Sports

It’s the ideal time to get out on the water now that the ice has melted off the lakes and the temperature has increased. If you’re not in the mood to go into the water just yet, pull out your canoe, kayak, stand-up paddle board, or paddle boat. Depending on the exercise you select, all of these offer excellent exercises for the arms, shoulders, legs, and core. Try wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding, or even tubing if you want to get in the water. You’ll get excellent arm, leg, and core exercises from these as well.

6.Climbing rocks

Although rock climbing is a very strenuous exercise, it is simple to lose sight of it when your only concern is getting to the top of the wall or cliff by holding onto the next hold. Burning calories is made easy when you use your arms to hang on and your legs to propel yourself up to the next hold. In addition to burning fat, rock climbing tones your entire body, including your arms, shoulders, legs, butt, and abs.


Though not everyone enjoys dancing, if you do, how about turning it into an enjoyable, stress-relieving workout? You might not even notice your heart rate rising and perspiration starting while you are enjoying yourself and concentrating on the moves. Dancing gives people a way to express themselves, reduce body fat, gain muscle, strengthen muscles, and improve heart health. For your fix, check out our Aqua Zumba, Funk, and Zumba classes.


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